About the project

Title:  Realizations of modality and evidentiality in Lithuanian

This project is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (grant no. MIP-062/2014)

The coordinator of the project is prof. dr. habil. Aurelija Usonienė.

The duration of the project: 2014-2016

The project deals with the conceptual domain of epistemicity (i.e. modality and evidentiality) and the phenomena closely related to it, i.e. pragmaticalization, adverbialization and (inter)subjectivity which have not received enough consideration in Lithuanian linguistics yet.  It is both a synchronic and diachronic study.

The analysis is corpus-based. Use is made of the Corpus of Lithuanian Academic Discourse, the Corpus of Contemporary Lithuanian language, the bidirectional parallel corpus ParaCorpEN-LT-EN (Usonienė, Šolienė 2012), the concordances of Old Lithuanian texts (16th – 17th centuries) made available by the Institute of the Lithuanian Language and other authentic old texts.

The main objective of the project is to explore realizations of modality (epistemic and non-epistemic), indirect inferential and reportive evidentiality in Lithuanian and to investigate the phenomena closely related to them (pragmaticalization, adverbialization and (inter)subjectivity).

Researchers interested in cooperation are invited to contact the coordinator of the project by e-mail aurelia@usonis.lt